Family Full Sessions 

Full sessions allow 30-45 minutes for your family to walk to several locations and take photos in several spots at pre-determined a location.  These are laid back shoots that give time for me to establish rapport with the kids (and adults).  Sessions start at $300 and include 20-30 beautifully edited photos for digital download and a link to a gallery from which you can purchase professional prints of your photos for a reasonable price. Want a gift for the grandparents?  Extended sessions start at $400, and I will book extra time to accommodate more people.  Golden hour requires an additional fee, and some locations, due to permits, also have an added fee. DATES: SEPT. 18 & 25, OCT 2 & 16.  Beebe Fundraiser: McDowell Forest Preserve (45 minutes) September 18 —45 minute shoot— $330. Click orange button to sign up.



Porch Sessions

These 20 mini-sessions allow you to shoot from the comfort of your own home or yard and cost $225 on weeknights.  These shoots include10-15 beautifully edited photos and link to a gallery.  These sessions are Tuesdays in October.  Book from the orange button below!



Fall-Color Mini-Sessions

Mini-Sessions are pre-scheduled 20 minute sessions at a park.  They start at $240 include10-20 beautifully edited photos and link to a gallery.  Some locations, such as St. James Farm, may have an additional charge due to permit fees.  Beebe Fundraiser Mini-Sessions @ St. James Farm 20 minute shoot Nov. 6, $260 ($40 goes to Beebe).  Click the orange button to secure your slot.



Blue Barn Sessions

These 20 minute sessions are shot at a convenient North Naperville location in front of a Blue Barn.  These shoots cost $230 and include a link to a gallery with10-20 beautifully edited photos.  (This is my extended family; there would be an extra charge for this many people.  Although, only only one head was moved for this shot).  I will have a day of minis on October 30thClick on the orange button to register.